The Utrecht Dynamical Systems Seminar is a monthly platform at the Utrecht Mathematical Institute for the presentation and discussion of topics related to dynamical systems theory with a focus on mathematical aspects but an open eye towards applications. The seminar is organized by Heinz Han▀mann and Sebastiaan Janssens. It consists of a presentation of approximately one hour, followed by discussion. Below you find the schedule of upcoming talks.

Talks will be announced on the local Utrecht mailing lists. If you are not on this list but like to be included, please send a message.

Blackboard, overhead projector and beamer are available, but unfortunately an internet connection is not guaranteed. We are always interested in potential speakers! For inquiries please contact one of the organizers.

Upcoming talks Autumn / Winter 2012 / 2013:

Archive of past talks:

Past talks Autumn / Winter semester 2012

Past talks Autumn / Winter semester 2011

Past talks Spring semester 2011

Past talks Autumn / Winter semester 2010

Past talks Spring semester 2010

        Location: Buys Ballot Laboratory, Princetonplein 5, Room 0.83

Past talks Autumn / Winter semester 2009

Past talks Spring semester 2009

Past talks Autumn / Winter semester 2008

Past talks Spring semester 2008

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